Dive the 'Oriskany,' the World's Largest Artificial Reef

    By Knowlera

    Diving in Pensacola has always been good, but it wasn't a well-known dive destination until the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany was sunk in May 2006. Often described as the Super Bowl of diving, the Oriskany offers a variety and quantity of marine life that you'll find equals or betters the best dive destinations in the world.

    And it's a great experience for both novice and experienced divers. The ship's superstructure starts at a depth of 78 feet below the surface and there is plenty to see above 110 feet — but the sandy bottom is at 212 feet, and the superstructure has been opened and the interior is easily accessible to divers who have been properly trained.

    And accessibility isn't an issue, with more than a dozen charter boats that run dive charters from Pensacola, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores to the site just about 24 miles off the coast.