Dive Duck Key: Snuba Diving in Florida Keys

    By Kevin Mims

    When you think about the Florida Keys, what's one of the first things that comes to mind? While there are some who might think about Duval Street in Key West first, I'm sure a lot of folks think about being on (or in) the water. At Dive Duck Key, visitors can get a good look at the underwater world of the Florida Keys, even if you aren't certified to dive.

    Here's where snuba in Florida Keys comes in.

    Basically, it's like diving but without the burden of a heavy tank or the rest of the typical dive gear. When thinking of snuba diving in Florida Keys, imagine the freedom you have with snorkeling in Florida, with the addition of a regulator and weight belt. You're tethered to an air tank on the water’s surface with a small air hose, but the whole experience feels really light and free.

    For those who haven’t quite committed to the full-on scuba scene, snuba is a fantastic way to get in the water and see the reef without a lot of coursework and classes. If you are on the fence about getting dive certified, try Key West snuba diving first to see if diving is something that you’ll do often.

    There's no shortage of dive excursions and snuba in Florida Keys, but there aren't too many places that can boast their own "private" reef. Sure, anyone can visit the reefs that Dive Duck Key frequents, but chances are you won't see another boat in the area that you'll be checking out.

    Dive Duck Key is located at the Hawks Cay Marina in the middle Keys.

    Speaking of Hawks Cay, you might want to make this spot your basecamp for exploring the Florida Keys. It's family friendly, with tons of activities for everyone in your crew.

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