4 Bars for Bikers During Daytona Bike Week

    By Jodi Mailander Farrell

    All my rowdy friends are in Daytona Beach for Bike Week.

    They’ll be heading there March 6-15 for this Daytona Beach tradition, one of the most famous 10-day parties for motorcycle enthusiasts in the world.

    After you’re cruised your two-wheeler around town, here’s where you’ll want to park your hog to have a good time.

    Boot Hill Saloon

    310 Main St., is a legendary bar across from the Pinewood Cemetery. Known for bras of all shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling and underwear dangling from a chandelier, it also has a memorable collection of graffiti and beer memorabilia. For Daytona Bike Week, the saloon will feature live music with cover bands playing AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne songs. 

    Full Moon Saloon

    700 Main St., is a longtime biker bar with open-beamed ceilings, cypress-lined bars, live music and a big-screen TV. It’s a short walk from Ocean Center and Peabody Auditorium. The saloon will feature an outdoor stage with live music – from 1970s glam rock to headbangers – the perfect Daytona bar for Bike Week.

    Dirty Harry's

    705 Main St., is a cozy Daytona beach pub with a nightclub atmosphere. For Bike Week, it transforms its palm tree-line parking area into a massive block party with an outdoor stage for live bands and west T-shirt contests. There’s karaoke, too. 

    The Bank & Blues Club

    701 Main St., is located in a historic building that was a bank in the 1920s and a nightclub in the 1970s. It still retains the original brick walls and stained-glass. The original vault is still there, too, although now it holds beer and wine instead of money. The club features live blues and rock bands.

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