More High-Tech Golf Playgrounds Opening in Florida

    By Tim McDonald

    Do you like technology with your golf? A lot of people do. Golfers are lucky in that no other sport has the sort of technology available to help those struggling with their game.

    Most every golf resort these days has high-tech learning centers and I doubt there are any golf schools left that don't have at least some kind of video swing analysis or computerized swing imagery.

    Florida is one of the leaders in golf technology, and a couple of the most recent high-tech openings are worth noting. Golfsmith opened its first-ever "golf playground" at its Naples store, with a ton of interactive, "performance-enhancing" toys.

    That includes custom-fitting studios using advanced software programs, 3-D golf simulators, computerized golf analysis and in-store, high-tech lessons from PGA pros. It also has free, indoor driving ranges and a 1,000 square foot putting green.

    In Boca Raton, the St. Andrews Country Club has its Golf Performance Center with a V1 Digital Coaching System. which includes high definition golf drills, video analysis, etc. It also has a Flight Scope Launch Monitor using 3D Doppler Golf Radar, with capabilities "far beyond traditional launch monitor technology."

    That's all well and good, and I'm sure it has, and will, help a lot of golfers.

    Still, the best high-tech device I ever used was You Tube. I found the best video of the smoothest swing on the PGA Tour, Ernie Els, and just watched it over and over. I still shoot in the 80s but my swing is smooth as Suwannee silk.