History and Glamour of Doral Too Good to Pass Up

    By Tim McDonald

    The official announcement last week that CA was ending its sponsorship deal with the CA World Golf Championships at Doral Resort and Golf Club's Blue Monster was hardly surprising; just about everyone in the golf industry read the signs and saw it coming.

    But, the hand-wringing over Doral and Miami losing a PGA Tour event after 49 straight years is almost certainly for nothing.

    It would shock a lot of golf experts, including me, if Miami and Doral did not have a PGA Tour event for a long time to come. Yes, that's only opinion, but it's backed up partly by the words of PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.

    "We'll be here at Doral next year and the World Golf Championships will continue," Finchem said on NBC last week.

    Doral is hardly alone in losing its title sponsor: It's one of nine tournaments without deals in place for next year. That's a quarter of the tour schedule. Verizon, for example, is leaving the Heritage tournament in South Carolina after 24 years.

    Everybody is scrambling as the economy takes its sweet time improving, which is nothing new for Doral. If the tournament does get a new sponsor for next year, it will be the event's fifth in 12 years.

    There is too much history and glamour at Doral – not to mention the charms of the Blue Monster – for the resort not to host a PGA Tour event.

    "There is a tremendous amount of interest in the World Golf Championships – the great fields, global exposure and incredible venues," Finchem said in a statement. "We will move forward in securing a new title sponsor for the CA Championship."