Florida Fringe Tourism - Weird Florida Attractions & Destinations

    By Gary McKechnie

    With so much history and so many cultures and so many regions mixed up in one place, there’s no denying that Florida is an interesting state with bizzarre attractions all over the place.

    If you’d like to know exactly how interesting, you may want to pay a visit to Florida Fringe Tourism.

    It’s a cleverly-designed site that covers a host of topics. Alphabetically, they are: Abandoned Places; Art Galleries; Bars and Clubs; Cemeteries; Charters and Tours; Famous Burials; Geological Phenomena; Ghost Lights; Hauntings; Historical Places; Holiday Events; Christmas Events; Halloween Events; Legends and Myths; Museums; Nature and Wildlife; Oddities; Paranormal Groups; Psychics and Mediums; Religious Places; Restaurants; Shops and Boutiques.

    As a Florida native, I was pleased to see I knew about a good number of the weird attractions in Florida (the Tallest Cross, Bo Diddley’s grave, Bulow Plantation Ruins) that are featured on the site. But I was even more pleased there was so much more to learn (Caloosahatchee She-Man, the Clearwater Penguin, Wausau's Possum Monument, etc.).

    The creators of Florida Fringe Tourism -- Toni Ray Land and husband-wife team Monica and Glendon Guttenfelder -- have done a wonderful job capturing stories and images of dozens of destinations that will jazz up your own Florida road trip. And I’d imagine they’ll keep adding to the list.

    Wonderful and Weird Florida attractions.

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