Types of Oranges, Grapefruit & Tangerines in Florida

    By VISIT FLORIDA staff

    Explore the wide world of citrus. There are so many types of oranges in Florida, not to mention the grapefruit and specialty fruits that grow throughout the year.

    For years, Florida has been practically synonymous with citrus. And it's no wonder. Throughout the year, you'll find oranges, grapefruit and other specialty citrus fruits available fresh at the fruit stand and farmers markets. What you may be surprised to know is just how many varieties of citrus are available. Here is a handy guide to the many types of oranges in Florida, plus other fruits you may find in the Sunshine State.

    Types of Oranges in Florida

    Navel Oranges

    Large to extra large, round to oval, deep yellow to orange color. Pebbly, medium thick peel. Usually seedless. Peels and section very easily.

    Seasonal Availability: January, October, November, December

    Valencia Oranges

    Medium to large size, round to oval shape, yellow to orange color (sometimes tinged with green) with a smooth, thin peel. Usually seedless or with only a few seeds. Valencias have orange colored flesh, which is loaded with golden juice of fine rich flavor and aroma.

    Seasonal Availability: February, March, April, May, June


    Medium size, oval shape, deep orange color, sometimes pebbly peel. Few seeds; peels and sections easily. Has a rich flavor and fragrance all its own. Generally regarded as Florida's finest eating orange.

    Seasonal Availability: January, February, March


    Flame Grapefruit

    Flavorful, sweet and juicy. Flesh is red in color and usually seedless. Half a Florida grapefruit has more fiber than one cup of popcorn!

    Seasonal Availability: January - June, October - December

    Marsh White Grapefruit

    Medium to large size, usually flattened at both ends. Peel is yellow, smooth and thin. White to amber colored flesh and almost seedless. Easy to section. Excellent flavor and plenty of juice.

    Seasonal Availability: January - April, September - December

    Ruby Red Grapefruit

    Medium to large size, usually flattened at each end. Smooth yellow peel with areas of pink to red blush. Segments have characteristic pink to reddish tinge. Few seeds.

    Seasonal Availability: January - April, October - December

    Tangerines & Tangelos

    Dancy Tangerine 

    Small to medium size, flat, deep orange or red colored fruit with a smooth, but loose peel. A few seeds. Often called the "zipperskin fruit". Has a sweet, tangy flavor.

    Seasonal Availability: January, December

    Fallglo Tangerine

    Mild taste, sweet and juicy. Easy to peel and section.

    Seasonal Availability: October, November, December

    Honey Tangerine

    Small to medium size; flat, yellow-orange in color (may be tinged with green or russet). Smooth, easy to peel. Has some seeds. Its rich red flesh is honey sweet and juicy, with a lovely fragrance.

    Seasonal Availability: January - April

    Sunburst Tangerine

    Delightful sweet, rich flavor. Tight skin, easy to peel and section. Skin has a bright, deep orange color.

    Seasonal Availability: October, November, December

    Minneola Tangelo

    Sometimes called a "Honeybell" Tangelo. Medium to very large, round to somewhat bell shaped. Deep orange to red-orange color with smooth to pebbly peel. Few seeds in this tangerine-grapefruit hybrid.

    Seasonal Availability: January, February

    Orlando Tangelo

    Round and medium in size. Light to deep orange color. Peel usually pebbly and with thick skin. A tangerine-grapefruit hybrid, which peels easily and is very juicy.

    Seasonal Availability: January

    Content courtesy of Florida Department of Citrus - www.floridacitrus.org