Bass2Billfish: A Successful Outing in Destin, Fla.

    In this episode of Bass 2 Billfish, host Peter Miller flies into Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport with his camera crew for a fishing adventure in Destin, Fla.

    Peter first stops at the Bass Pro Shops, and buys some items for his buddy, Madison Roberts, and himself. Peter also interviews some of the employees at the store and gets their take on the oil, fishing in Destin, and fashion. Later that evening, Peter meets up with Madison and their guide, Sid Little, at the Emerald Grande Resort. They discuss their upcoming trout fishing trip scheduled for the next morning, have dinner and call it a night.

    On day 2, Peter and Madison meet up with their guide, Sid. Peter decides to throw the cast net on some live bait, which will be used to chum for sea trout. They go on to catch at least one dozen trout up to 23 inches. The fishing ends up being great! On the way back to the resort they stop at one more spot and end up catching some gag grouper for good measure before calling it a day.

    The next morning, Peter and Madison meet up with the Relentless Charter boat, run by Captain Brant Kelly, to take a look offshore for some red snapper and whatever else they can find. Peter interviews the captain and obtains some great information about the fishery. They catch scores of gorgeous red snapper, cobia and gag grouper. It ends up being one of Peter's best fishing experiences of all time! His arms are sore and they end the day with Peter and Madison grilling up some red snapper at the Emerald Grande for the entire crew.


    Places to Remember