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    Butterflies and Tigers at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

    By Carrie McLaren

    It's an exciting time to visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The zoo welcomed the return of its seasonal Butterfly Hollow and unveiled its newest exhibit, The Land of the Tiger.

    With the weather warming up, the seasonal Butterfly Hollow is in full swing. Be sure to stop there while you're at the zoo to see hundreds of butterflies and, if you’re lucky, have one even land on your hands. There is an additional cost to visit the hollow ($2 a person) but it’s a real treat to see these animals in such a unique setting.

    The new Land of the Tiger is a 2.5-acre exhibit that takes tourists on a walk through Asia, with viewing areas to see the zoo’s newest additions – three Malayan and two Sumatran tigers. The beautiful creatures have room to roam the trails of the area, which allows them to be always on the prowl.  Other animals featured in the exhibit include hornbills, Visayan Warty pigs, Bairusa pigs and Asian-small clawed otters. You can visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida.