Video of Baby Birds at Gatorland

    The waters of Gatorland are literally boiling with the toothy predators; drop a hunk of chicken into one of the pens and you’ll discover the true meaning of the words feeding frenzy.

    However, what I found really amazing at the Orlando attraction is the number of birds that coexist with the alligators, particularly in the breeding marsh. Literally thousands of birds nest in the bushes and trees in the marsh, only a few feet above the water. I’m told the gators keep away the other predators, and if the baby birds can only hang on until they can fly properly, they are usually safe.

    Usually. A sign posted in the marsh explains that a particular Gatorland gator (I forget his name) was skilled at bashing his head into the bushes, thereby knocking the babies out of their nests and into his waiting jaws, much to the horror of the onlookers.

    Don’t worry! The little birdie video I shot at Gatorland is anything but gruesome. In fact, I’ll bet my sandals it will leave you smiling.

    Want more? Check out this video I shot of some of the shows at Gatorland, and this one of the gator infested waters and the breeding marsh.

    Orlando's Gatorland