Dapper Day at Disney World

     By Jeanette Scott

    Remember the "old days" where people would dress up in gorgeous, elaborate outfits complete with hats? Well now you can experience some of that same fun at Dapper Day at Disney World in Orlando.

    The first Dapper Day at Disney World was held in Feb. 2011 and it’s been a smash hit ever since. It's an independently organized social gathering neither operated by nor associated with The Walt Disney Company.  At this wildly fun gathering, people dress up in anything sophisticated and elegant, from vintage to contemporary chic - it doesn't matter the time period, anything glamorous is encouraged. If you're active or retired military and want to don your dress blues or service uniforms, you're encouraged to do so. Please note, costumes or cosplay are better suited for other events.

    This is not a private event, and the park is open as usual with the "dapper" crowd mixing in.

    When you go...

    Dapper Day is held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Check the website for exact dates, which can change.

    A theme park reservation is required for entry in addition to park admission.
    Click here to get the latest info regarding park reservations and other important details to prepare for your visit.

    Have fun enjoying the Florida attractions of Disney World in style!