4 Places to See Penguins in Florida (Yes, Florida)

    By Carrie McLaren

    Penguins in Florida? I bet you think it’s not possible – but it is! Some lucky penguins call Florida their permanent home, and here’s where you can see them throughout the state:

    1. The Florida Aquarium

    Located in Downtown Tampa, the Florida Aquarium offers numerous penguin encounters. Kids will love seeing these tuxedoed friends march through the Penguin Promenade each afternoon. For a truly unique experience, the Penguins: Backstage Pass experience gives families a 30-minute educational encounter with the penguins and the opportunity to meet biologists.

    2. Gulf World Marine Park

    These lucky penguins live across the street from the beachfront in Panama City Beach. After you say hello to the penguins, be sure to watch the dolphins show – it’s an interactive, and filled with music.


    3. SeaWorld Orlando

    Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin allows visitors to explore the penguin habitat above the surface and deep below as the birds swim through frigid waters. This massive exhibit features close to 250 penguins from four different species.


    4. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

    When you’re at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, don’t miss the Tuxedo Coast exhibit. Families can observe the penguins swimming, eating and playing. For the kids, there’s an underground viewing area to see the penguins in extreme close-up.



    Places to Remember