Journey into History at the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum

    By Carrie McLaren

    Located just off of Interstate 10, the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum is a ‘must see’ attraction in the Capital City. 

    This museum allows visitors to take a step back in time with an enormous collection of over 140 antique and classic cars on display. From the 1860 horse-drawn funeral hearse reported to have carried Abraham Lincoln to three Batmobiles (two of them being originals), this museum is a car lover’s dream. 

    My mom visited the museum with me on our visit to Tallahassee and she was ecstatic to see they had the same model Mustang she drove in high school – instant nostalgia. 

    And it’s not just cars – the collectibles on display are just as impressive.  I was smitten with the Barbie dolls on display, recognizing many of the same ones that I had as a child.  The toy cars and even pedal cars were a big hit with my kids too. 

    Some of the other collectibles on display include outboard motors, fishing lures, breathtaking pianos, golf balls, pianos and a remarkable amount of sports memorabilia.  And don’t miss the area with Native American artifacts – the collection of arrowheads on display is really worth seeing too. 

    The museum’s slogan is “It’s more than a museum…it’s a journey through history.”

    They couldn’t be more correct.  It’s truly a sight to see and somewhere that I’ll visit time and time again. 

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    Classic cars at the Tallahassee Automobile & Collectibles Museum

    - Carrie McLaren


    Lincoln's Hearse on Display

    - Carrie McLaren