Discover the Rosenwald School of Panama City in Bay County

    By Florida Division of Historic Resources Staff

    Florida has a rich and diverse history.  African American landmarks and legacies exist in various locations throughout the state.  The following historical sites can be found in Bay County and Calhoun County.  While some of these sites can be visited, other listings are marked "private" and are not open to the public.




    Massalina Bayou

    Off Business 98, Massalina Drive and Massalina Circle African American Spanish fisherman Josea Massalina was founder of Red Fish Point, a small community on what is now Tyndall Air Force Base. The community moved across the bay, settling along the Bayou now named for the Massalina family. Massalina’s son, Hawk, was a prominent Panama City ship builder and fisherman. Many original homes remain in this once-African American neighborhood.

    The Rosenwald School

    624 Bay Street, Panama City

    Located in what was once the black business district of Panama City, the Rosenwald School served black students in Bay County during segregation. The original building remains on its original site. 




    Mayhaw Community

    River Street

    Three tenant houses dating back to the 1930s are being restored here. Each February, Black Heritage events take place in the Clay Mary Community Park.

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