For the Love of Lilly: Museum in Boynton Beach Pays Tribute to Lilly Pulitzer, a Florida Fashion Icon

    By Kanika Jelks

    I LOVE Lilly! Everything Lilly Pulitzer is a prize of pastels and promises to be treasured. For so many Southern girls who experience childhood in the Sunshine State, living in Lilly is a way of life. In my family, Lilly Pulitzer is a common tie between generations of friends and family, one of a few constants you find in photo albums and picture frames that capture special occasions. Christenings and Easter; bridal showers and baby showers; Sunday tea and away weekends with just the girls... The reason for the gathering changes, but there are a few constants we can count on. Lilly's always on the scene, dressing moms and babies, brothers and bridesmaids, keeping everyone looking their best.

    Particularly special are the line's matching creations for mom and little ones. My little girl loves when we dress alike and carries those memories in a special place in her heart. I hope she'll reference them when shopping in boutiques for her own little girls someday. My love of Lilly is not unique. In fact, for more than half a century, the signature prints have been making a splash on Florida's fashion scene.

    And, now all who love Lilly can come together to celebrate this cultural icon by participating in The LILLY Exhibit, being produced by the Lifetime and Fashion History Museum in Boynton Beach. The exhibit, which will feature an anthology of the style and substance behind the frocks synonomous with all the best of Florida's social scene, includes an opportunity for wearers of Lilly Pulitzer to share their stories.

    The museum's curators invite all of us who are owners of vintage Lilly pieces to loan them to the exhibit. Your favorite memories can help tell the story of why Lilly fashion makes a memory so special. The exhibit will be at the Boynton Beach Mall beginning this summer and is scheduled to run through the end of May 2011.     

    Call 561-243-2662 for more information on how you can include your Lilly clothes, accessories, home furnishings and photos for loan to the exhibit. The deadline for participation is April 30.

    What a great way to share this common bond between so many in the Sunshine State... I look forward to seeing your great contributions to the curator's collection and hope to see you at the museum in Boynton Beach during the exhibit.