Haunted Landmarks in St. Augustine

    By Kara Franker

    Did you know that St. Augustine is one of America's most haunted cities? It's probably because the city has a colorful history dating back nearly 450 years.

    Step back into time into the nation's oldest city and explore a few haunted landmarks.

    St. Augustine Lighthouse

    The 12-year-old daughter of the lighthouse builder drowned near the building. Reportedly, she can sometimes be heard and seen on the second floor of the museum. In fact, members of the popular Ghost Hunters TV show on the Syfy channel said that the lighthouse is home to some of the most unexplained paranormal activity they’ve ever encountered.


    The popular television show Ghost Hunters, featured the St. Augustine Lighthouse as a haunted location.

    - Syfy Channel


    Take advantage of St. Augustine’s spooky historic vibe with one of the guided ghost tours on offer.

    - St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & the Beaches VCB

    St. Francis Inn

    Known as the most haunted place in St. Augustine, guests and staff at the St. Francis Inn have reported sightings of Lilly, a servant girl who seems to be a bit of a prankster. There have been reports of doors slamming, lights flickering and once a man woke up and found himself wedged under a bed. The fire department had to be called to free him.

    The Casablanca Inn

    The Casablanca Inn has what's called a widow's walk on the roof. In the 1920s a saucy widow would warn rum runners that agents were staying there during Prohibition by swinging a lantern. Recently, sailors in the harbor reported seeing the glow of a lantern swinging back and forth around midnight.

    The Old Jail

    Built in 1891 by the same company that would later build Alcatraz, the Old Jail earned a spooky reputation for the inhumane conditions endured by inmates.

    St. Augustine Ghost Tours:

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