Daytona Beach Museum of Arts & Sciences

    By Jill Martin

    It was pouring down rain, which tends to happen in the summertime in Florida, so where to go for indoor fun in Daytona Beach? The Museum of Arts and Sciences, of course!

    MOAS has been around forever but their children’s area is relatively new (less than two years old) so this was our first visit to check things out. Entry fees were $12.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids six to 11 (under five are free), which was an affordable afternoon in my book.

    The kids area is 9,300 square feett. of complete, hands-on fun. Build your own race car or roller coaster, discover pedal power, play a harp with no strings (just light!), push and pull on levers and pulleys – you name it!

    Devon’s favorite was the Pizza Place area. I think I sat there for an hour while he made every kind of pizza with felt toppings, cooked them in the "oven" and rang up sale after sale on the cash register. Good stuff.

    MOAS also offers nature trails in Tuscawilla Park (a beautiful and sprawling park right next door) as well as a Sculpture Garden and a Planetarium. The Planetarium show was fantastic, and the curator Sean was great with the kids.

    The Giant Sloth is now back on display and you won’t believe this thing ever roamed around Daytona, but it did, because this intact skeleton was found here in 1975! Sloth Rocks is a museum favorite, and you'll be wanting a T-shirt before you go. Don't forget your umbrella by the front entrance like we did!