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ZIPStream's Castaway Canopy Adventure

As of end-of-business day, Easter Sunday, ZIPStream's Castaway Canopy Adventure will be closed until further notice in order to deal with the loss of a key tree on our course. In addition to the normal environmental challenges that a tree faces in a high traffic, public area, our tree also suffered an indirect lightning strike and declined and died over the span of the last few months. It's a central hub tree through which 35% of the entire course passes, so the work and expense involved in resolving the issue is quite extensive. We do not yet have an estimate as to when the course will reopen because we are still in deliberation with our insurer, and figuring out the best solution for the repair. So, until further notice, we are ceasing ticket sales and posting closure information on our website and social media portals. Please know that we will update you as soon as we have new information regarding a re-opening date. If you have any questions, please direct them to me at this email address or via phone to 423-321-2505.

ZIPStream’s Castaway Canopy Adventure (ZCCA) is a fully guided Zip Line Eco Canopy Tour lead by professionally trained and certified guides! Come enjoy a bird's eye view of the beautiful St. Augustine Aquarium grounds and an aerial trip through a corner of Wild Florida. Two Towers, Four Sky Bridges, and Seven Zip Lines take you and your group through the canopy above the Aquarium grounds and above woods at the back of the property. On your trek, you’ll get up close and personal with several tree species including Brutus, our beautiful Laurel Oak, in whose boughs resides Johnny Castaway’s treehouse! If you’re fortunate you may get the opportunity to be scolded by one of our resident gray squirrels for invading their living room or hear the distinctive cry of the red-shouldered hawks that call our woods home. You’ll zip through the air while learning about the ecology of Florida and the connection between our wetlands and the health of oceans while engaging with our fun, knowledgeable and entertaining guides! On our tour there are NO scary reptiles below and NO difficult obstacles to navigate, just 1.5 to 2 hours of immersive zip line fun!

If you have never experienced the exhilaration and fun of a zip lining adventure, ZCCA is the perfect first experience for you! Our guides are extensively trained and certified by our sister company The Adventure Guild (TAG), an industry leader and accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology. So before you ever step into a harness you can be sure that everything at ZCCA has been constructed to exacting standards and that our personnel knows their stuff!

In addition to the security provided by a professionally designed and constructed course and highly trained staff, ZCCA also employs ISC’s Smart Snap, 100% tie-off belay system, which means that at no time during the course of the adventure can a guest accidentally or intentionally be disconnected from the life safety system, which helps adventure seekers conquer their fears and fully embrace the experience of zipping through the air and being high in the tree canopy!


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Handicapped Parking, Ramps


Zip Lining



Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours


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