COCA - Council on Culture & Arts

Vibrant and diverse, creative and innovative – Tallahassee’s cultural community has long been one of our greatest assets and part of the area’s enduring charm. Arts, culture and heritage are an integral part of the Tallahassee lifestyle. From galleries and historic landmarks to stage performances and music festivals, you can fill your days with one-of-a-kind experiences for all ages. This is where Tallahassee begins….the arts live here.

Here in the Capital City, like the magnificent oak trees that provide canopies to our roads and line our beautiful parks, our arts and culture has very strong roots. Welcome to our town. COCA, the Council on Culture & Arts, is a non-profit organization that serves as the facilitator and voice for the arts and cultural industry in Florida's capital area. COCA provides information and promotes the arts and culture to both citizens and visitors.