Orlando Trike Tours

Are you ready for an intense and exciting driving experience? Love the feeling of an open air ride, soaking up the sunshine? Love vacationing in the Orlando area and looking for a new and exciting experience to highlight your vacation in the happiest place on earth? We have just the ride you need!!! It's time to turn your Orlando vacation in to the thrill of a lifetime. Come ride with us. Bring a co-pilot of your choosing. Slip in to the cockpit of a Rewaco RF1 automatic trike and prepare to own the road. No need to know where the road takes you....let our pack leader direct your way to the beautiful coastal town of Tarpon Springs, FL. Once we rocket in to town (2 hour ride), you are free to explore all the magnificent dining, shopping and entertainment (dolphin watching, boat tours etc) that this beautiful area has to offer. A few hours of roaming the town and you will be eager to jump back in the saddle. Sit back, relax, twist the throttle and let all your worries fade away....this is what vacations are for.... Ride with ORLANDO TRIKE TOURS!!!


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Full day

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