Stetson Mansion - Weddings


Brides float on a cloud to their ceremony down the grand staircase once graced by the Queen of England, Countess of Portugal and First Lady of the United States. Built as Florida's most modern and elegant mansion in 1886, this National Historic Place is an architectural masterpiece filled with every original opulent detail which means photo opportunities are unsurpassed.We welcome last minute, destination and LGBT weddings.

Closed to the public for 100 years, Florida's most historic home has been fully restored and updated to today's standards and taste. It is now more relevant than when it was built. Still a private family run sanctuary from all the hustle of commercial wedding mills, there is no other Central Florida venue that will allow you to celebrate your wedding in a romantic, private and gated"Gilded Age" estate.

“The Stetson Mansion Estate is all about now, while still geared for its original intention- to be the most elegant and exciting place to be invited to in the entire region.”

The romantic backdrop for your photos will be 16 rare and complex parquet wood floor patterns, 10,000 panes of antique leaded and stained glass windows and a seamless blend of historic and contemporary furnishings and decor. The atmosphere at this 2.3 acre private gated estate is classic but fresh. There are 13 new bathrooms and 5 new kitchen areas. You and your guests will join the exclusive list of presidents and royalty who have celebrated in this glamorous estate. The Stetson Mansion, where your "happily ever after" begins.



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