Wingate Creek State Park

Wingate Creek State Park is located in Manatee County about 25 miles east of Bradenton and consists of 614 acres of uplands including scrub, scrubby flatwoods, mesic flatwoods, and baygall and bottomland forest wetlands associated with tributary streams including the Myakka River. Wingate Creek and Johnson Creek converge in the park and form a tributary, which flows to the upper Myakka River within the park.

Human occupation on this site goes back thousands of years. The park gets its name from the Wingate family who settled this area in the 1890’s. Currently, visitors can request a gate combination and use the property for exploring, hiking, biking, birding and nature study. Hiking and biking are limited to mostly sandy fire breaks. Animals you may encounter while out hiking at Wingate Creek State Park include gopher tortoise, eastern coachwhip, wild turkey, red-tailed hawk, great-horned owl, Sherman’s fox squirrel, Florida mouse, and white-tailed deer.

The upland habitats in the park are maintained with prescribed fire, which results in a beautiful display of wildflowers in the fall, including; pine lilies, terrestrial orchids, Florida paintbrush and blazing stars. This park is also home to the spring flowering, endangered scrub morning glory, the Florida Bonamia. Wingate Creek State Park is managed through Lake Manatee State Park and is also known as one of the Beker Properties.