Museums in the Sea

Situated along Florida’s coasts, Florida’s twelve Underwater Archaeological Preserves offer a glimpse into different periods of Florida history from a tramp steamer to a Spanish galleon, and from a battleship to a racing yacht. These shipwrecks can be found in near-shore waters, surrounded by an abundance of wildlife waiting for divers to explore.

Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves are administered by the Florida Department of State’s Bureau of Archaeological Research. Shipwrecks are nominated by local waterfront communities to become Preserves, making them more accessible and better interpreted for visitors with brochures, posters, underwater maps, and a website. The Preserve program encourages state, county, and city officials, local organizations, individuals and waterfront communities to work together to protect and interpret Florida’s maritime history.

These sites belong to the people of Florida and have been preserved for the enjoyment of all. As with all of Florida’s historic sites, they are protected by law and artifact collection is prohibited. Please help preserve them for future generations. Take only photos, leave only bubbles!



Scuba/Diving, Snorkeling