Fusion Fashion & Art

We are the gateway to one of the world’s most exclusive industries - from creation to consumer or cause. Fusion Fashion & Art Week is an annual art and fashion week featuring international artist and fashion designers started in 2011. Palm Beach Swim Week is another of our annual productions. We also produce individual shows and promotions throughout the year.

For our clients and supporters we offer reasonable solutions that seamlessly connect and associate key constituents, brands and causes using extensive expertise and exclusive resources. We consult with our partners and sponsors to strategically create alliances through our shows and vast networks. Our in-house industry network extends to over 8000 members in the state of Florida alone and spans the globe from Europe to Indonesia, Latin America to Russia and almost every continent.

This creates an environment for brands and causes to connect with key audiences in unique and meaningful ways influencing consumer-buying behaviors and building long-term loyalty. The extensive recognition and a high-profile of fashion and art is a highly desirable and exciting appeal that spans into celebrity lifestyle and culture.
A powerful marketing platform for large international business such as Mercedes Benz, DHL, American Express, Maybelline, Samsung, Ecco Domani, Clear Channel and many other industry giants. This platform has become an essential tool for brands that wish to associate with luxury, innovation, quality, style and design.

We provide boundless points of exploration, including a broad spectrum of events, artists, musicians, models, designers, stylists, photographers and more. Both annual productions, Fusion Fashion & Art Week and Palm Beach Swim Week offer this effective marketing platform of access and influence. Through our gateways you can benefit from the same marketing advantages as global corporate giants but without the giant price tag.

Show & Event Production History as of 7/23/2014

Palm Beach Swim Week: Coming April 2015 – Palm Beach(TBA)
Fusion Fashion & Art Week: Coming November 2014- Waterfront Pavilion - WPB
Fusion Fashion & Art Week 2013 – Light Factory Studio & Gallery - WPB
Fusion Fashion & Art Show 2012 – North Beach Art Dist. Fort Lauderdale
The Fast & The Fashionable Fashion Show 2014 – Supercar Week
The Art of Shopping Fashion & Art Show 2014 – Northwood Art Dist icw Art Palm Beach
Continuum Fashion Presentation 2014 – Historic Anthony Building, Downtown WPB
Villa Vizcaya High Fashion Shoot 2011 – Miami
City Place Blue Martini Stock Model Search & Shoot - 2011 - WPB
Delray Beach Pier Bikini Model Shoot 2011 – Hyatt Regency
Super Bowl of Fashion Shows 2011: 2 Days of shows & fashion shoots – WPB Event Hall (Record Breaking: doubled previous record for largest open shoot in state of FL)
JB’s On The Beach Holiday Model Shoot 2010 – Deerfield Beach
Professional Networking & Fashion Shoot 2010 – Hyatt Deerfield Beach – (Record Setting: largest open shoot in FL)


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