Scents From The Harts

We make Scented Gels. You can use these in your oil and wax burners. Very easy to use and very easy to clean up. With the oil you have a greasy mess. Candles you have to scrape to get the wax off. With the scented gels all you have to do is let them cool, then peel them up and put them back into the container. You are ready to put in a new scent. It's that easy. We have over 100 scented gels so far and three different sizes.

We have Aroma Crystals. You can get the aroma crystals in jars or in sachet bags. You can hang the sachets in your closet and put them in a drawer. Set the jars where you want, take the lid off and smell the wonderful aroma. We make the aroma crystals to match the scented gels.

We have Linen and Air Refresher Spray. Spray it on your bed, furniture, in the car, on your clothes and even on your skin. (check a small spot first to be sure you are not allergic) We have two sizes.

We have D-Stink-Em for your toilet in the same scents as the gels. Spray a few times before you go potty and you will smell that instead of what you just did. It comes in a 2 oz bottle.

We have Diffuser Oil in the same scents as the gel. It comes in a 2 oz bottle

We have Personal Touch. It has a roller so you can roll the scent on your skin.

We have gel burners also (formerly known as oil and wax burners- it might catch on). We have adjustable electric burners. We have one that plugs right into the wall and can be used as a night light too. Some of them have fish, turtles, indians, tigers, elephants and more on them. We have one of a kind burners that we make ourselves.

Visit our website to see the video on how to use the scented gels. Look around let us know what you think. If you are in Tarpon Springs, Florida stop in to see us. We are at the west end of the sponge docks inside the lighthouse shops. Hope to see you there! We Just Make Scents!!



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