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Come see the REAL Florida! Situated within a comfortable driving distance from Tampa or Orlando is a quaint community known as Wauchula. For many residents, the term "Hardee County" and "Wauchula" are interchangeable -- our common identity is held intact by the simple fact that we have one high school. Unlike many other southern communities, we are not divided by a gridiron rivalry. On Friday nights in the fall, many gather at Wildcat Stadium to watch their home football team take on rivals from nearby counties.

Running through the heart of Hardee County is the Peace River, a rare, nearly-undisturbed habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. The river is also prized for the abundance of ancient fossils is has preserved for millions of years. In fact, the Peace River basin is also known as Bone Valley. Visitors come from across the state during late winter and spring when the water is low enough to trudge through the murky waters in search of Megalodon teeth, Dugong ribs, Mammoth bones and others remnants of extinct species that once swam or roamed through the area.

Just beyond the banks of the river, there are thousands of acres of grazing lands for cattle. The Cracker culture of cattle ranching and living off the land is still a part of life for locals. Thousands of acres of citrus groves also stripe the landscape with long rows of Valencias and other citrus varieties.

The centerpiece of the community is the town of Wauchula with it's Main Street lined with shops and local eateries. Although fires and hurricanes have destroyed many of the historic buildings, a thriving community remains. Likely one of the most note-worthy aspects of Hardee County is the hospitable nature of it's people, known for their manners and friendly smiles.

For visitor information call (863) 767-9999 or stop by the visitor center located at 135 E Main St, Wauchula.

Peace River & Hardee County, FL.
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