Clearly Connected Nature Tours

The ocean is a truly beautiful, inspirational and magical place. Filled with wonder and amazement, I believe it's important for all of us to experience the magic and healing power the water can provide. Everything out here is majestic whether it's a gentle bay breeze that carries the pelicans overhead or the sound a dolphin makes as it surfaces for air. This really is a beautiful world we live in.

I believe that it's important to sustain the balance of this beautiful world and respect all the species in it, one way is to do that by educating yourself and others on the local ecosystems and get an understanding of how it all ties so beautifully together. I feel that this knowledge should be enjoyed and shared with everyone I can find who feels the way I do. Specifically children, open and willing to learn, this experience can provide a lifetime of memories and encouragement for all of us.

It's a great adventure for the whole family, and absolutely the best way to experience the water and wildlife.


Average Visit Time

2 - 3 hours, Multi-day


Military Discount

Guest Information

Family Friendly, LGBTQ Friendly

Hours of Operation

Hours: 9-5