Metro's LGBTQ Welcome Center

The LGBTQ Welcome Center is operated by the Metro Inclusive Health a 501(c)(3) organization. Established in 1993, Metro Inclusive Health is committed to providing quality health and wellness services that are inclusive, relevant, supportive, and represent the lifetime continuum of the diverse people in the community.

The LGBTQ Welcome Center opened in June 2014 in St. Petersburg’s Grand Central District. Only the third in the nation. As a function of Metro Inclusive Health serves the area as an LGBTQ visitors’ resource, coffee house, youth center (safe space), and provides a wide range of business resources, education activities and entertainment events.

The LGBTQ Welcome Center offers important community service to all that live, work and visit St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas by providing information on areas of interest, where to stay, shop, dine and more.

The LGBTQ Welcome Center services:
• Visitor Resources and Information
• Relocation Resource Information
• Local LGBTQ Business Resource Center
• Local Artist and Makers Boutique
• Youth Center Safe Space
• LGBTQ Social Programs and Services
• HIV Educational Programs and Testing
• Ice Cream/Coffee House
• LGBTQ Print and Video Library

With on-site resources, staff and free Wi-Fi and charging station, the Welcome Center connects travelers and locals with destination information, allowing them to purchase tickets when applicable, find area services, and offer customized travel packages and itineraries. Similar to the two LGBTQ Welcome Centers in Seattle and Miami,
St. Pete’s LGBTQ Welcome Center is supported by local individuals, families and businesses. Individual and Corporate Members help through programs such as community talks, lunches, cross-corporate LGBTQ networking, sporting events, cultural activities, discussions with community leaders about gender and sexuality, volunteering, and fundraising campaigns.

The LGBTQ Welcome Center works to drive continuous improvements in the promotion of LGBTQ businesses throughout the Pinellas County; provides support and networking opportunities for its members; and
promotes activities within St. Pete that raise awareness about our LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ Welcome Center also serves as a local LGBTQ Ice Cream Shop and Coffee House, where you can meet friends, study, hold meetings, enjoy first dates, read a book, and participate in enriching programs. We’ll have scooped Ice Cream and Kahwa Coffee for sale!



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