The Pensacola Colonial Archaeological Trail

Located in Historic Pensacola Village in downtown Pensacola, the Colonial Archaeological Trail is a series of outdoor exhibits that feature Pensacola's colonial past. A brochure for the trail can be obtained at the Tivoli House in Historic Pensacola Village. The open-air archeology exhibits each have an explanatory metal marker and location map.

The exhibits are handicapped accessible and include the ruins of the colonial commanding officer's house and associated refuse pits, the foundations of the officer of the day's building just inside the western gate and the remains of what appears to have been a trader's home and warehouse just outside the western gate of the British fort built during the American Revolution, and the foundations of the colonial ordinance building.

The remains of the British Fort George near downtown Pensacola have also been partially reconstructed and it is a very interesting place to visit.



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Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours

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