JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area Trails

On the Hungryland Slough Boardwalk and Trail (1.2 miles) you can explore the normally inaccessible cypress swamp. The trail begins in slash pine flatwoods with coco-plums, dahoons, and wiregrasses. Along the boardwalk are cypress, pond apples, and red maples. Numerous bromeliads (needle-leaved wildpine, cardinal airplant, giant wild pine, twisted air plant, ballmoss, Spanish moss) and 13 species of ferns (including strap, swamp, giant leather, chain, royal, bracken, resurrection) are present.The Corbett portion of the Florida Trail-Florida National Scenic Trail-Ocean to Lake Trail, traverses the area west from the South Entrance of Corbett to Dupuis Reserve through wet pine flatwoods. The Trail is foot traffic only, no vehicles, horses or bicycles allowed. Along the way are two primitive campsites (at 6 and 12 miles).

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Length of Trail (in miles): 16.9, Unpaved