Clyde Butcher Venice Gallery & Studio

Venice Gallery is the location of Clyde Butcher's darkroom, plus we have three gallery show rooms.
“I want people to view my work up close,” says Butcher about his desire to create very large prints. “When you’re in nature you’re scanning from the log to the tree to the bird to the water and your mind puts the images together to create the feeling of the scene. When you view my large prints your mind does the same thing because you cannot see the image all at once. And sharpness is the key to it. Your eyes - your brain - wants things to be clear and sharp. All of that makes the viewer relate to my images in a way that is similar to the peace felt when being out in nature. I want my images to create a positive emotion in people, with the hope that they carry that emotion out into their lives to make the world a better place in which to live.”
Beyond the aesthetic qualities of Clyde Butcher’s work, what distinguishes his landscape photography from that of other photographers are the incredibly detailed mural-sized prints he produces on fiber base silver gelatin paper. By carefully matching view camera format size to the subject matter photographed, Butcher is able to make prints measuring up to 5x9 feet that allow the viewer to more fully embrace the breadth and scope of the landscape as Butcher experienced it in the field.
“I try to use the largest film possible for the particular subject I’m planning to photograph. So, if I have a huge, broad landscape, I use the 12x20” view camera. If I am photographing something like the Ghost Orchid I use a 4x5” view camera,” explains Butcher, who most often works with an 8x10 view camera, but has a host of smaller and larger format view cameras.
Butcher currently works out of a 2,200 square-foot darkroom using one horizontal and seven vertical enlargers that are capable of handling negatives ranging in sizes from 4x5” to 12x20”. Some of his enlargers are antiques. They range in age from 1910 to 1990. However, each enlarger has an Aristo variable-contrast head, the latest in light technology for enlargers, as well as modern lenses.


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