Jerkins High School

County school board minutes from May 1887 show education for Taylor County blacks came from the roots of Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Henry R. Jerkins, Jr., principal in 1930, had the most memorable impact. Jerkins arrived not long after the 1923 burning of the school that followed the Rosewood massacre in January of that year. In 1931 ground was broken for the high school. During his seven-year tenure, Jerkins expanded educational offerings and marshaled the expansion of grades, allowing children to finish their education, a rarity in the South at that time. The community had called the school "Jerkins" for some years, but only in 1946 did the name appear in official county records. The present building was constructed in 1950. In March 1995, the Taylor County School Board donated the Jerkins property to the Taylor County Leadership Council. School board minutes dating back to the late 1880s are housed at the site.