Dunns Creek Paddling Trail

Dunns Creek is a 6-mile long deep creek linking the St. Johns River to Crescent Lake. There are two public access points, one at Georgia Boys Fish Camp and another at Brown’s Landing. The shoreline is largely uninhabited except for the first two miles on the eastern shore. Dunns Creek State Park is located on the western shore for nearly its entire length. At Pine Landing, the State Park offers picnic tables, artesian well water and restrooms. Dunns Creek is best known for its cat fishing and its connection to nearby Crescent Lake. Many species of birds and animals live on the shores of Dunns Creek. Manatees regularly travel the waterway and the American Alligator grows large in these waters. Wetlands, Cypress trees, hardwoods and lily pads line the entire trail. Caution is to be used while paddling this area due to strong tidal flows and motorized traffic. Because of its scenic nature, Dunn's Creek is a Florida designated paddling trail.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, Length of Trail (in miles): 6