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The Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove now boasts Spartico, a casual Roman pizza centric trattoria, recruiting culinary consultant Jonathan Eismann, of the longest running and most highly acclaimed chefs in Miami, for his culinary expertise to help develop the concept and menu.
Eismann, already noted by the Miami New Times as creating Miami's favorite pizza, now develops an evolved style of pizza for SPARTICO using the highest quality products, artisnal flours and refined recipes to create a final product with great flavors and reasonable prices. Carrying out the intriguing menu consultant Eismann created will be SPARTICO's Chef Philippe Boutinet. As would be expected, SPARTICO's menu features a range of recognizable entrees, enhanced with gourmet sensibilities. The menu consists of classic Italian-style faire with unique ingredients producing memorable sandwiches, salads, appetizers and decadent desserts presented, along with substantial children's offerings. Commanding the menu, however, will be dozens of Roman-style pizzas.


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