Walking Tree Kayak Tours

Think of it as more of an educational adventure through a living laboratory than a kayak tour. Where the fresh water rivers of the Everglades meet and mix with the Gulf of Mexico, you will encounter southwest Florida’s pristine estuary system. Among the most productive ecosystems on the planet, these aquatic nursery grounds are rich in marine life, support rookery islands teeming with coastal and wading birds, and provide a bounty of seafood on which Florida’s earliest inhabitants thrived.
As we explore secluded bays, tidal creeks and mangrove islands, your naturalist guide explains the intricacies of this dynamic ecosystem and what makes these unique “walking trees” so valuable to our environment. We’ll also chronicle the fascinating human history of the area – from an indigenous maritime culture who dominated this coast for thousands of years to the pioneer settlers whose legacy is shared by locals today. Follow in the wake of the fierce Calusa Indians and discover the natural and cultural wonders of the estuary.




Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours, 2 - 3 hours, Half day


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