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With over 12,000 different items, see why this is the most talked about store in all of Fort Lauderdale. just google us and see all the positive reviews and then you will know why.
most candies famous in the U.S. from 1806-current(more hard to find ones), over 70 types of homemade chocolate covered items, 115 types of Black Licorice(salty also),97 types of Dark Chocolate bars, Milk, White & Marzipan bars from over 65 different countries. thousands of greeting cards,tin toys, collectibles from TV to Hollywood, music bands. novelties, metal lunchboxes, so many items to list all. so grab a friend,child or your inner child and pop in To The Moon. it will defiantly put a smile on your face and bring back so many memories or make new ones for your future.
till then, Have A Sweet Day.!!



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