Cave Excursions

Located in the heart of Cave Country - come relax with Bill Rennaker - listen to his stories and learn about the sport of Cave Diving.We bank 32%, 50%, 21/30, Hyper Pure Air, O2 and we can custom blend any mix you need for your diving experience.
General Information
Cave Excursions is located just minutes from Peacock, Orange Grove, Telford and Cow Springs. Why travel any farther than you need to get the best breathing gas at the best price? We will charge you only by the cubic feet that you need.

At Cave Excursions we bank the following gasses for your diving needs:
32% Nitrox; 50%; 21/30; 10/50; Oxygen and Air.

Our Nitrox banks accommodate 21,000 cubic feet, 50% banks accommodate 3,150 cubic feet, 21/30 accommodates 2, 700, Oxygen banks accommodate 5, 280 cubic feet of high pressure Oxygen, and our Air banks accommodate 10,000 cubic feet.

We are able to custom blend any TriMix or Nitrox blends for your deep diving needs. If you are planning a custom TriMix or Nitrox blend, we ask that you call us in advance to make arrangements for staff to be available.

All of our blends, except Air, are charged by the cubic foot.

32% Nitrox – .10 cents per cubic foot
50% – .16 cents per cubic foot
21/30 – .35 cents per cubic foot
10/50 – .40 cents per cubic foot
Oxygen – .30 cents per cubic foot
Air – Single Tank – $4.00; Double Tanks – $7.00
Helium – .75 cents per cubic foot

**Pricing subject to change without notice



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