Apalachicola River Blueway

From its formation at the Jim Woodruff Dam near the Georgia border, the Apalachicola River is undammed and largely wild, flowing past large tracts of public and protected lands. High bluffs, abundant wildlife, and rare animals and plants make this river among the most unique in Florida, and at the right water conditions,large sandbars make for ideal primitive campsites. The river has the highest volume of flow of any waterway in Florida, so there is always a good current until it widens near the bay. The river portion of the blueway is 106 miles, but since the blueway also includes parts of Owl Creek, Devon Creek and Dead Lakes, another 8 miles have been added. While intermediate paddlers and above should attempt the main river channel, the side streams are generally suited for beginners.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Moderate, Length of Trail (in miles): 114