Outdoor Photo Workshops

OPW offers you the best in outdoor adventure and nature photography workshops, helping you improve your photography and make great images in a fun and relaxed setting.

Our instructors provide in-field, hands-on photo instruction coupled with classroom sessions and image critiques, tailoring their instruction to meet the needs of each photographer, regardless of skill level or camera equipment. Our focus is on helping you improve your nature photography skills and expand your creativity while providing you opportunities to photograph unique and exciting outdoor adventure and nature subjects.

Tailored photography instruction
Before and during each workshop we assess each participant’s skills, interests, and needs, and focus our teaching on covering the areas that will help each student the most. Whether, you are a beginner or seasoned professional, we gear our classes to providing the content and opportunities you need to grow as a photographer.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Photo Instructors
Each of our instructors has a broad photography background, as well as extensive experience providing professional training and instruction. Plus, not only are our instructors experienced photographers, but they are knowledgeable naturalists as well. You will receive education not just in photo technique, but also in the natural world you will be touring. Visit our “instructors” page to learn more about our skilled and talented photo tour staff.

Low student to instructor ratios
We never overbook our tours, and we keep our student/teacher ratio low by adding multiple instructors as the class size increases. This provides more focused instruction and allows our students to tap into the diversity of experience and knowledge our different instructors have to offer.

Great Photography Locations and Subjects
Our photography workshops are held at some of the best locations to match your photographic interests whether you want to work with wildlife, scenery, or outdoor action and adventure. Each location is selected to provide the best access to the subjects we hope to work with, and an ideal teaching environment to help you get the most out of each class. Plus our multi-day and weekend photo workshops are timed to be held at the best time of year for each location and subject.

While it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the mechanics of making images, our goal is to make the technical aspects of creating photos intuitive for each of our students. We want each of our students to be able to focus on their artistic expression and enjoy the experience of photographing the unique wildlife and outdoors subjects featured in each of our photo tours. When you enjoy what you’re doing it shows in your work, and our goal is to make every workshop not just a great learning experience but a fun and exciting one as well.



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