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Diving in Ft. Lauderdale is unique in that every dive is different even if you are diving in the same location. Hurricanes change dive sites every hurricane season moving wrecks around and changing reefs. Expect to see different things on each dive trip. Some recommended Ft. Lauderdale dive sites would be:

Tenneco Towers- depth range is 70–110ft. This decommissioned oil platform was sunk in 1985. It was deployed in 3 separate sections. They were lined up in a straight east-west line until Hurricane Andrew took one of the platform sections out to sea. To this day, the location of this missing platform has yet to be found. Many good sized fish make Tenneco Towers their home including pelagic or open ocean fish, large schooling Tarpon, and occasionally sharks. The yellow cup corals and the red encrusting corals make this a superb dive site.
The Edmister- depth range is 45 – 74 ft. This is a great dive for open water novice divers or those divers who haven’t been diving in awhile. The Edmister is a 95 ft steel US Coast Guard cutter. She was built in 1953 and was sunk in 1989. The Edmister rests in a sandy area facing north and south and listing slightly to starboard.
The Rebel- depth range is 78 -105ft. It is located 5 miles from Port Everglades. This 150 ft Norweigen freighter was built in 1947 and was sunk during the summer of 1985. This artificial reef site was originally named Andrea. This perfectly intact freighter sits upright with the main deck sitting at about 80 feet. Jacks, barracuda, and large grouper are often found here.

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