Blue Creek Run Paddling Trail

Blue Creek is known for its diverse wildlife, including a large population of alligators. The 4-mile Blue Creek Run leads paddlers from the community of Astor to the St. Johns River. Evening boaters have been known to spot as many as a dozen gators along the creek bed. The Astor area is known for its quaint-style of living with family-owned restaurants, small vacation homes and bed and breakfasts. Once a bustling commercial center on the St. Johns River, citrus from Lake County grooves was sent to Astor by rails and then shipped to Jacksonville by steamboats. According to Emmett Peter Jr., author of Lake County, Florida: A Pictorial History, Astor is surrounded by the Ocala National Forest, where man coexists with the black bear, the osprey and the majestic eagle, a world “crested by God and not yet spoiled by man."

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Difficulty: Strenuous, Length of Trail (in miles): 4