Conch Air

Carve through the air, above the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys, in one the safest adventure sports. Hang Gliding is a dynamic experience that can be as peaceful or exhilarating as you desire. Glide peacefully through the air with a birds eye view, or carve the sky for a thrill that tops any roller coaster.

First off is some ground school to explain the basics of the sport of hang gliding. next we will climb aboard our custom hang glider launch vessel where the adventure begins over the tropical waters. Prepare to leave the earth behind and enter the harness next to your USHPA certified instructor. As the launch boat accelerates and you are cleared for takeoff you will lift off and climb effortlessly into the air. During your ascent the panoramic view becomes breathtakingly unbelievable. High above the scenic background of islands and abundant marine life you will be released from tow and enter free flight. As you fly free with the guidance of your instructor you will be amazed at how the glider responds to your every command. You are now as free as a bird to fly as you wish



Parasailing, Snorkeling

Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours, 2 - 3 hours