East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway is a multi-use pathway for traffic-free travel connecting major cities along the eastern seaboard between Canada and Key West. The East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA) mobilizes resources to link existing trails and develops new trails to fill the gaps to form this "Urban Appalachian Trail."Florida boasts the longest portion of Greenway with the most miles of completed trail. North to south, the Greenway enters Fernandina Beach, Florida, and the Timucuan Trail (from St. Marys, Georgia, via the Cumberland Sound Ferry) then continues 585 miles to Key West, the United States' southernmost mainland point. The Greenway travels largely along the coast, through seaside villages, America's earliest historic sites, through vast nature preserves, and major cities that include Jacksonville and Miami. Much of the Greenway through Florida is on a wide side path that runs along route A1A. The greenway concludes with the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. The Alliance also plans an alternate route that will provide access to Florida's Gulf Coast. ECGA is working with regional and county planning agencies, developments of regional impact, and trail advocates all along the coast to advance the greenway.

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Length of Trail (in miles): 3000, Paved