Markland (Anderson House)

Constructed in 1839-1842, this house was the residence of Dr. Andrew Anderson II who enlisted in the local Confederate military unit, the St. Augustine Blues, at the outbreak of the war. In early 1862, he paid for a substitute to take his place in the Blues unit (as allowed by Confederate policy) and left Florida to return to medical school at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. In 1864, he provided medical services to Union soldiers at Fredericksburg, Virginia field hospitals by treating those who were wounded during General Ulysses S. Grant's campaign that year. His mother, Clarissa Anderson, a staunch Unionist, remained at Markland during the war and tended to sick and wounded soldiers at the Union army hospital. This historic house is presently used for special events by Flagler College, as well as for faculty and staff offices. Special sponsored tours are occasionally available.