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Eagle Yachts Sailing Experiences offers a hands-on sailing experience. You do not have to have any prior sailing experience nor do you have to be in great shape. We have had people from3 years old to those in their 90's help sail the boat. But, when you get back instead of saying, "I rode like a bump on a log on this boat", you can say, "I sailed this boat!" There is no set schedule. We try to accomodate your schedule, so if you want to go anytime between sunrise and sunset, seven days a week,just tell us when and for how long. It is a first-come, first-serve basis, so when you know your schedule, call me and, if no one has booked ahead of you,I will put you on my calendar.The cost is for the boat and me, not by the passenger, so up to 6 people sail for the same price--$75/hour through December 31st., 2014. There is a two hour minimum, which would be a sail in the river. The minimum for getting into the ocean for a while is three hours.Most days we will see dolphins. Between May and Octorber we frequently see manatees and almost always we see shore birds, wading birds and, if you go into the ocean, pelagic birds.To contact me, Captain Eric West, just call at 386-295-2578 or e-mail me at eagleyachts@gmail.com . Thank you for thinking "sailing". That's a good thing to do!



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2 - 3 hours, Full day, Half day

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