Marine Science Center

Loaded with ecological wonders, the Marine Science Center is a treasure chest of sea and sky. A wide range of aquariums and exhibits filled with fascinating animals introduce visitors to the beauty and wonder of the marine life our our caost. In addition, the center has two hospitals that treat and rehabilitate thousands of sick and injured birds and sea turtles every year. Take the nature trail and climb the tower to see a panorama of Ponce Inlet, pelicans and other migrating birds that fly through the Volusia County skies.

A new Touch Pool allows daring visitors to reach out and stroke stingrays as they swim by (it’s okay, their stingers have been removed.). Two species of rays, Atlantic Stingrays and Cownose Rays, share their habitat with fascinating creatures like sea cucumbers and horseshoe crabs. All creatures in the aquariums are native to Volusia County.

The Center’s hospital staff is always on call for rescues. The Turtle Terrace provides an opportunity for visitors to look into the turtle rehabilitation facility and view the sick and injured sea turtles that are undergoing treatment. Outdoor habitats are home to injured hawks, eagles, owls and waterbirds that can’t be released into the wild. Visitors will find it’s an unforgettable experience and affordably priced for the entire family.



Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours


Senior Citizen Discount