Atlantic Airlines, Inc.

Atlantic Airlines, provides Passenger & Air Cargo flights to more than 86 cities in Florida. This Florida air service known as the Florida Air Shuttle and specializing in providing air transportation to and from most Major Airports in Florida, and flying to those hard to get to Florida cities that have limited or no air service at all. You name the town in Florida and more than likely we already fly there.

On Atlantic Airlines there is never a charge for your bags, if it fits, it goes! Traveling with your Pet? Bring them along with you. No charge either, they ride for Free in the cabin just behind you. Our fares are simple and straight forward with everything included, the Price you See, is the Price you Pay. So next time you need to travel somewhere in Florida, Fly on Atlantic Airlines (Florida Air Shuttle) and see what you have been missing. We feel that once you fly on Atlantic Airlines, you will agree that this is a much better way to travel around our state.



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Hours of Operation

Hours: 24/7