Flagler Beach Historical Museum

THE Museum motto describes two of the most popular displays in the permanent collection which is entirely dedicated to Florida history, featuring Flagler Beach and Flagler County. Visitors are riveted by the Museum's oldest display of prehistoric bones and other remains. On the "space age" side of the Museum, an exhibit with items provided by NASA astronauts piques interest -- usually about the space food. To represent history "in the making" this display also includes the Flagler Beach city flag that orbited the earth aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

The breadth of the Museum displays includes everything between the "Stone Age" and the "Space Age." Orange Period pottery pieces date from 2000 B.C. to 500 A.D. Native American Indian life is represented by an exhibit of arrowheads and other Indian artifacts, all discovered in Flagler County.

Many flags flew over Florida in the war years between the 1500s and the early 1800s. Mill and plantation artifacts make up the display about the Plantation Period. Personal use items like buttons and bottles obtained from area missions are just part of the collection that people are drawn to representing the era. From the Mala Compra Plantation -- burned down during the Second Seminole War -- the Museum has items from that early 19th century home of Joseph Hernandez who became the 1st Hispanic congressman in the U.S.

Late 1800s and early 1900s are represented by books and exhibits about the area's focus at that time: county farming of cabbage and potatoes, timber industry, railroad artifacts, and turpentine camp items. Exhibits also include documents and memorabilia associated with the development boom that began in the western portion of Flagler County and then was continued oceanside. Some of these displays take on a more personal note as they feature four Flagler Beach "first families" who purchased land and built what was once considered a seaside resort.

Other display items from the early 1900s include memorabilia from early city government, the county's Old Brick Road, the Flagler Beach Hotel, World War II items, the A1A highway, Marineland, and early advertising brochures. Representations of local organizations from 1925 forward are represented in displays featuring the Flagler Beach Fire Department, Boy Scouts of Flagler, and Flagler Beach schools.


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