Wacissa River Paddling Trail

Spring-fed and rich in wildlife, the Wacissa has lured paddlers for thousands of years, beginning with Florida's earliest Native Americans and their dugout canoes. The river begins as a wide marshy waterway, ideal for beginners, but the current quickens as the river narrows in the middle stretch. Wading birds, alligators, otters, and various raptors can often be spotted. The lower Wacissa spreads out into several braids through a swamp called Hell's Half Acre. Paddlers must take care to find the entrance to the Slave Canal in order to paddle to the take-out at Nutall Rise on the Aucilla River. Due to its wild and scenic nature, the Wacissa River is a state-designated Florida paddling trail.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Easy - moderate, Length of Trail (in miles): 14