Nehrling Gardens

This is a must visit destination for those wanting to experience the natural beauty of an authentic piece of central Florida’s cultural and horticultural history, vernacular architecture, and beautiful landscapes.

Nehrling Gardens is a historical, horticultural, and environmental resource for the Central Florida community and its many visitors. It is the remaining 6 acres of pioneering horticulturist Dr. Henry Nehrling’s Gotha home and gardens, one of the first USDA experimental stations in Florida. Located approximately 11 miles south-west of Orlando (Florida), Nehrling Gardens serves as a natural oasis where all can learn from the valuable historic genome of the remaining plants and experience the peace and beauty of nature at this National Register estate and Florida Heritage Landmark.

Nehrling Gardens is owned and operated by a local all-volunteer nonprofit whose public purpose and vital mission is to educate, inspire and create awareness about the intrinsic value of Florida's horticultural history, of its plants and birds, and of its community’s cultural heritage; and to assist in the conservation and protection of natural resources in Central Florida.

Though not yet fully open to the public, Nehrling Gardens is available to visitors and volunteers almost anytime, year round. It is regularly open the first and second Saturdays of every month and offers tours by appointment. Workshops and community events are open to all. Nehrling Gardens also provides numerous service learning opportunities for students, schools, and scouting groups.

For more information about Nehrling Gardens and to schedule your visit, please visit or contact us at (407) 445-9977 or .

Henry Nehrling was an internationally-renowned horticulturalist, naturalist, botanist, ornithologist, and writer known as the “patron saint of Florida gardens”. Dr. Nehrling introduced and tested over 3,000 new and rare species of plants and trees, as well as Florida native plants. Over 300 of these became essential to Florida’s horticulture industry, including caladiums, palms, bamboos, magnolias, and amaryllis. Nehrling’s gardens became a mecca for plant lovers and a tourist destination in the early 1900s. It was visited by many prominent people, including Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and renowned horticulturists David Fairchild and Liberty Hyde Baily. His most notable works include Our Native Birds of Song and Beauty, The Plant World in Florida, and My Garden in Florida.


Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours

Guest Information

Family Friendly, LGBTQ Friendly

Hours of Operation

Hours: By appointment